Precision, Strategy, and Focus: Principles for Success in Trading and Life.

Sept. 14, 2023, 9:32 a.m.

1. Sniper Precision:

Oftentimes, we get tricked by the market into making rushed decisions and acting outside our plan (the case of EUR/GBP trade entered on 22/08)

The smarter alternative is: Identify your entry zones in advance and wait for the price to come to your doorstep and meet your criteria (the case of EUR/GBP trade executed on 10/07)

2. Target Realm:

Use a combination of various techniques to set the most accurate and probable Take Profit levels.

For instance, if a crucial zone of resistance lines up with the fixed risk-reward of 1:5 (5%) on your trade entry, do no hesitate to use that cross-zone as your target level (the instance of two EUR/GBP trades executed on 10/07 & 13/07)

Besides, the technique of Target Realm could be added into the everyday routine and implemented as a decent strategy of targeting and accomplishing tasks. Do you have to do some journaling, read an educational article, and analyse a specific security? Get all of the objectives done and tick them off your list so you can add some extra Karma points to your Target Realm; that will will help with building long-term consistency on and off the markets.

3. Endless Exploration :

Treat market as a one big forest that has no end to it. Keep learning and striving towards eternal freedom and success.

4. Sharp Focus:

Whether it is analysing the market or reading a book, eliminate all distractions and develop a razor-sharp concentration on the task that you are working on. 

Finding balance and peace of mind in the age of infinite over-stimuli and disturbances could be challenging. However, detoxing, meditating, and eliminating needless forces of interruption might be a good start to developing a deep focus. 

5. Limitless Vision:

Anything that you can think of is more than possible to achieve. Hence, set the bar tremendously high.