Achieving Balance and Productivity During Weekend Market Closures.

Sept. 16, 2023, 11:11 a.m.

The market is closed on the weekends but that does not mean we should cut off on the grind completely. 

Finding balance in the age of indulgence and instant gratification is tough. Junk food, limitless online entertainment, drugs and alcohol, and many other easily accessible stimulants are out there to fill our brain with unearned dopamine and distract us from the mission. 

Being a trader/investor, one of the most commonly asked questions is the following: “What do you on the weekends when the market is closed?”

The correct answer is, you can either be lazy or remain productive. By laziness we are implying constant state of overstimulation, ingestion of fast food and health-altering toxic chemicals, playing video games non-stop, laying on the couch and binge-watching Netflix all day long and so forth. On the contrary, habits of a productive individual include staying in shape and recovering - both mentally and physically - by working out, journaling weekly accomplishments and highlighting what could and should be improved, meditate to relax the mind and the soul, read, do some work, spend enjoyable time with loved ones and so forth. Now, you would probably think “Why does it even matter? We can do whatever we want, it is the end of the week”. 

However, have you ever wondered why 90% of the people don’t want Monday to start (apart from the reason that they most probably hate their job)? Because they get so involved with stimulating themselves with immediate pleasure and cheap dopamine that they lose all their focus, drive, patience, and ambition to kick off the upcoming work week.